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Who needs foster care?

Children of all ages and kinds need foster carers, but we especially need foster carers for:

Children age 10 and up

Teenage girl in classroom

Many children come into care at ages 10 and up. They need love and care as much as younger children and can be one of the most rewarding age groups to look after.

To achieve their best, these children will need guidance from reliable, patient foster carers. They may be behind in school work. They may need help developing social skills so they can build friendships and become well-rounded adults.

These young people may struggle to accept that they cannot live with their birth family. They'll need your support through this time as they find out who they are and where they belong.

"I'll all been worthwhile watching him grow from a scared little boy into a confident, outgoing teenager."
— Sue, foster carer, Saffron Walden

Brothers and sisters together

Brother and sister hugging in rural landscape

Wherever possible we try to place siblings together. Many foster children value their relationships with their brothers and sisters most about their family, so staying together is important to them.

"Two sisters came to stay with us initially for one week... they've now been with us for almost three years." Jean and Dean, foster carers

Children with disabilities

Disabled boy laughing, covers his face with his hand

Many children needing foster care have medical conditions or physical and learning disabilities such as autism, hyperactivity and attention deficit. They often need extra care and attention, and may need special medication or care routines.

If you're willing to take on this rewarding work, we'll give you specialist training.

You can also provide short breaks for children with disabilities, either part-time or full-time.

"We... specialise in children with disabilities who can be medically or behaviourally demanding, which can be challenging at times but extremely rewarding." Tony and Nicky, foster carers

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