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Can I foster?

Men giving a shoulder ride to children

You can foster if:

  • you're over 21. There is no upper age limit.
  • you have some experience of children and/or young people - but you do not need children of your own.
  • you're single, married or living with a partner of any gender.
  • you have a healthy lifestyle.
  • you or your partner can care for a child before and after school.
  • you have time to go to daytime training and support groups, meet with social workers, and be there during school holidays or when your foster child is ill.
  • you can provide a bedroom for the child you foster, unless fostering babies under age 2.
  • everyone else in your household wants to make it work.

If you smoke, you will not be allowed to care for a child under age 5, or a child with respiratory problems.

You will need:

  • a genuine commitment to care for a child or children.
  • lots of energy, patience and understanding.
  • willingness to work with us as part of the child care team.
  • space in your home and time in your life.
  • a home where children are safe from harm or abuse.

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"We felt we could provide a caring family and a happy family environment." — Karen and Darren, foster carers, Clacton-on-Sea