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Important documents

Essex foster carer handbook

The Essex foster carer handbook provides information and guidance on every element of being a foster carer.

Essex Foster Carer Handbook 2018 - PDF, 3MB

Children's guides to being in foster care

These guides provide information for children and young people about being in foster care. They also provide contact details for other people who can help.

Children's guide to being in foster care - PDF, 6MB

Children and young people's guide to being in foster care - PDF, 11MB

Statement of purpose

The Statement of purpose outlines our aims and objectives; the way we recruit, approve, train and support foster carers; the diversity of our fostering service; staffing and management structure of the fostering service.

Essex Fostering Statement of Purpose 2018

Medication workbook

The Medication workbook sets out the medicines policy and practice guidelines on administering and recording medication to children in your care.

Medication Workbook 2016 - PDF, 1,186KB

Leaving and after care finance handbook

This document outlines the financial protocols of Essex County Council’s Leaving and After Care Service.

Leaving and after care finance handbook - PDF, 784KB

Foster carer profile cards

These profile cards are for foster carers to complete and return to their SSW to be uploaded onto the foster carer record.  These can then be used to help prepare children and young people who may be moving to a new placement. There are four profile cards, two for younger children and two for older children.  Within each of those categories there is also one which may be more appropriate for single carers and one when there is more than one carer in the household.  Use whichever one feels the most appropriate to your household.

Fostering policies, procedures and guidance


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